"Hey! The name's Touko! Welcome to Unova!"

Indie Touko rp blog from Pokemon Black and White.

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"Seems like there’s never anything to do around here anymore. I think I need some time away from home. Going back to Kalos sounds like fun! Or maybe Kanto. Johto? Hm….."

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I want to write something longer than 2 sentences for once. Threads, anyone?

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where do you picture yourself in 10 years?

"Well, if things go as planned, hopefully I’ll have the Pokedex filled and will have traveled to all of the regions. I see myself married and maybe even have a little one or two running around a nice little house by the water in Kalos."

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❝ My RP’s are only quality because of my RP partner, I’d be nothing without them. ❞

- (Via findmeforastarship )

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Anonymous hour. Nothing will be unanswered, ignored or deleted.


My laptop is all set and ready to go! Now, I just play the waiting game for my screen. Oh yay! Anyway, I’m heading to the gym tonight and getting an early night. Had a pretty stressful day. Once my screen is in, I’ll be much more active. You know, when my screen doesn’t look all psychedelic and make me feel like I’m high on something. XD Night night, lovies!

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